Notice on Venue Reservations of Yunchou Building Tongji University
Release date:2021-12-09

The Sino-Italian Campus of Tongji University (TJSIC) makes certain spaces available for use within Tongji University to support projects, courses, and activities that are in line with TJSIC's vision and mission.

I. Reservation Procedures

1. The applicant should contact TJSIC staff in advance via phone or email to state their time of use, the venue needed, the reason for reservation, and their contact information. After the appointment is confirmed as available, the applicant needs to fill out the "TJSIC Venue Reservation Form" (see Annex) accurately and obtain the approval of responsible teachers and their respective organization or school. Please send the form to and submit a signed paper copy to Ms. Lao at Room 401, Yunchou Building. The venue reservation is only valid after being reviewed and approved by TJSIC.

Contact number for inquiries: 65983721.

2. For events such as situation reports, philosophical and social science reports, seminars, reading sessions, lectures, forums, salons, results conferences, etc., the organizer should submit their application to relevant university departments (the Publicity Department, Liberal Arts Office, etc.) through the University's office automation system (OA) for prior approval. Foreign-related events should be reviewed by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office. Please submit the approval (OA printout) together with the venue reservation form to TJSIC. Student activities and student association activities are subject to the relevant university regulations.

3. For live-streaming or video recording of events, the organizer should report to relevant university departments (the Publicity Department, Liberal Arts Office, etc.) through the University's office automation system (OA) for approval, and note their requirement on the venue reservation form. The use of the equipment in the relevant venue will only be allowed with the consent of the relevant university departments and after contacting TJSIC for confirmation.

II. Terms of Use

1. Reservation

(1) Reservations that are placed earlier are valid in case of conflicting appointments. The applicant will be responsible for the venue during use. To change the time of reservation, please inform TJSIC by phone or email in advance.

(2) The applicant should abide by the administrative regulations of TJSIC. TJSIC will not permit reservations for private gatherings. Making reservations for non-Tongji organizations is strictly prohibited. Breaching of terms will be reported to the university.

2. Venue arrangement and maintenance

(1) Decoration, publicity, catering and reception should be arranged for by the applicant. Food and beverage (water excluded) are generally not allowed in the building; in case of special needs, please contact TJSIC in advance and obtain permission to consume food or drink in designated locations.

(2) If there is a need to change the layout of the venue, such as tables and chairs, please submit a layout plan in advance to be approved by TJSIC. After use, please restore the venue and equipment to its original state to ensure proper functioning.

(3) Borrowing items in the building should be requested and approved by TJSIC in advance. Apart from the equipment and devices which are requested for use, TJSIC staff will be in charge of water and electricity, fire-fighting, and audio-visual broadcasting systems, and the applicant is not allowed to alter the relevant settings.

(4) The applicant should keep within the area which has been requested for use and should not trespass in irrelevant spaces.

(5) Access time and event duration must be in accordance with the approved reservation and please do not overstay the reserved time. Please be careful of noises so as not to cause disturbance to the other areas.

(6) Yunchou Building is the property of Tongji University. For space set-ups, please do not use tape, double-sided tape, strong adhesive, sponge glue, wall studs, reagents, or any other material or apparatus that may damage the building, walls, floors, equipment, furniture, books, displays, or vegetation of the venue.

(7) The applicant is responsible for keeping the venue in order. Please clean up any rubbish on site after the event and take away large items of rubbish such as canvas, wood, KT boards, etc.

(8) While visiting or using the roof garden, please take care of the flowers, greenery, and public facilities, do not touch them with your hands, do not bring in food or drinks, and take away rubbish when you leave.

(9) Reservations of Room 404, the reading room, are subject to terms of use in this document as well as terms given by the Notes to Readers for Using the TJSIC Reading Room (see Annex 4).

(10) The responsible person of the applicant should ensure that the venue and facilities are kept intact during use. In case of any damage, restoration to the original condition or full price compensation is mandatory within 3 days, so as not to affect subsequent users.

3. After use

(1) After use, the applicant should clean up the venue and restore its original condition. Please contact TJSIC staff to inspect the site and facilities before completing the handover procedures.

(2) All items of the applicant should be removed from the site after the appointment ends. Items left behind without notice to TJSIC in advance will be disposed of the day after the event.

4. Safety

(1) Please be careful not to cause disturbance to the operation of the other areas or obstruct students and faculty from entering and leaving the building.

(2) Smoking and fire are strictly prohibited in all venues of Yunchou Building (inside the building, on the square in front of the building, and in the roof garden). Please do not smoke or use any fire-related items (candles, etc.) in any of the venues. Unauthorized connection of electricity is not allowed.

(3) No dangerous or prohibited items may be brought onto the site to avoid damage or safety hazards.

(4) Please pay attention to personal belongings during use and do not leave them behind.

(5) Please wear a mask as requested by pandemic prevention measures and cooperate with instructions given by the security staff to keep the event in order.

(6) While in the outdoor roof garden, please pay attention to safety and do not climb.

5. Administration

(1) The use of the venue should be in accordance with the agenda given in the submitted reservation and abide by relevant regulations. In the following events of breaching the terms, TJSIC staff will terminate the reservation at once and demand compensation for any damage: if the use of the venue is found to be inconsistent with the reservation form; if the venue is transferred to unauthorized users; if the venue or facilities are damaged during use.

(2) In case of pollution or damage to the site and facilities or other breaches of regulations for twice or more, TJSIC will no longer approve of reservation placed by this applicant (organization or person).

(3) TJSIC may coordinate the time of appointments under special circumstances. If approved reservations conflict with important events of TJSIC, please observe coordination arrangements.

(4) In the event of any unresolved matters, the relevant regulations of Tongji University shall apply.

Sino-Italian Campus of Tongji University

Dec 14, 2021

Annex _TJSIC Venue Reservation Form

Venue: 101 Cafeteria
Area: 68m2
Capacity (Persons) Max: 15

Venue: 103 Auditorium
Area: 67m2+44m2
Capacity (Persons) Max: 50+20

Venue: 102 Exhibition Hall
Area: 120m2
Capacity (Persons) Max: /

Venue: 304 Meeting Room
Area: 60m2
Capacity (Persons) Max: 16-30

Venue: 404 Reading Room
Area: 60m2
Capacity (Persons) Max: 30

Venue: Room 501
Area: 68m2
Capacity (Persons) Max: 40

Venue: Room 502
Area: 44m2
Capacity (Persons) Max: 20

Venue: Roof Garden
Area: /
Capacity (Persons) Max: /

Venue: Room 507
Area: 47m2+65m2
Capacity (Persons)Max: 30-50