Dear Alumni,

Time goes by and generations of Tongji-ers leave behind them precious memories of youth. Every corner of the campus is filled with memories and nostalgia. No matter who and where you are right now, whether in glory, in tranquility or faced with challenges ahead of you, every one of you remains a member of Tongji University. Your alma mater will always welcome you back to her and be your harbor of rest.

TJSIC welcomes alumni to organize group homecoming activities for their class or year on the occasion of tens anniversaries of university enrolment or graduation (10th graduation anniversary, 20th enrolment anniversary etc.). TJSIC will actively assist alumni in organizing homecoming events in hopes of enhancing the emotional and informative bound between alumni and Tongji University and the Sino-Italian Campus, as well as giving boosts to the alumni's career development.

Thank you for your attention to the alma mater and for your enthusiastic support of alumni activities. We look forward to seeing you on campus again!

Sino-Italian Campus of Tongji University

Alumni Homecoming Event Assistance

To assist and facilitate alumni homecoming events, TJSIC provides the following assistance services:

  • Coordinate venue reservations for homecoming events (classrooms, auditoria, meeting rooms etc.)

  • Help contact SIC leaders, former teachers and supervisors

  • Coordinate reservations of campus tour, SIC visit, Tongji History Gallery tour etc.

  • Reserve university canteen meal tickets

  • Recommend or help place reservations at nearby hotels

  • Provide photo shooting and filming at homecoming events

  • Provide gift homecoming badges

  • Help publicize homecoming events on Wechat platform etc.

  • Help make campus entrance reservations


Add:Yunchou Building, Tongji Univerity, No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai