In 2011, the China-Italy Design and Innovation Center (CIDIC), jointly established by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Italian Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation (now Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research), was set up at Tongji University. Since 2013, CIDIC has a secretariat, of which TJSIC is responsible for operation.

CIDIC is committed to forming an effective link of design and innovation resources from China and Italy, and is active in urban development, creative economy, design industry upgrading and high-end design talent training, etc. CIDIC organizes Sino-Italian design and innovation exhibitions and forums, and takes part in international student innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, to promote Sino-Italian design research and the transformation of its achievements.

CIDIC has joined forces with its founding partners (the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Hunan Innovation Platform for Industrial Design, the Italian National Agency for Digitization, the Italian Values Foundation, the Italian Industrial Design Association) and its signatories (the Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Politecnico di Milano, the Triennale Design Museum of Milan) and other cooperation resources to better promote Sino-Italian economic, scientific and cultural The project is dedicated to better promote Sino-Italian economic, scientific and cultural exchanges, to strengthen the driving force of design for the construction of innovative countries and regions, to develop scientific research cooperation, talent training, interaction and exchange between enterprises and designers/artists in the field of design innovation, to introduce international talents, to help scientific and cultural exchanges and industrial development, to incubate innovative applications, and to create a national base for interdisciplinary and cross-industry cooperation in design and scientific innovation with international influence.


China-Italy Deign and Innovation Center

Yun Chou Building,1239 Siping Road, 200092, Shanghai, China