Researcher at Center for Italian Studies of Tongji University (CSIUT)

Professor at College of Arts and Media, Tongji University; PhD supervisor at China Academy of Art

Research Interests

  • History of Art History; New Media Art

Principal Positions

Member of Shanghai Discipline (Art) Review Group; member of Academic Committee of Beijing Key Laboratory of New Media Art (2012-present); Distinguished Professor of Columbia College Chicago (2011-present); Chair Professor of Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany (2007-2011); Invited Editorial Board Member of TechArt- Journal of Arts and Imaging Science, Central University of Korea (2012-present); member of the jury of the Chinese Youth Painting Exhibition at Expo 2015 in Milan (201501-05); member of the Academic Committee of the National 2011 Zhejiang Longquan Celadon Collaborative Innovation Centre (2015-present), etc.; visiting scholar or lecturer at universities at home and abroad for many times