LEI Xinghui

Head of the Center for Italian Studies of Tongji University (CSIUT)

Vice President of Tongji University

Professor, PhD Advisor of Tongji University


  • 2001, PhD, Management Science and Engineering, Tongji University

  • 1996, Master, Management Science and Engineering, Tongji University

  • 1986, Bachelor, Master of Science, Management and Engineering, Tongji University

Teaching Positions

  • 2017 - Now, Member of the Standing Committee of Tongji University Party Committee, Vice President

  • 2009 -June,2017, Executive Vice Dean of Graduate School, Tongji University

  • 2007 - Mar.,2009, Director of President’s Office, Tongji University

  • 2000 - 2007, Executive Vice Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tongji University

  • 1986 - Now, Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University

Consulting and Management Activities

  • Independent Director, Shanghai International Airport Company Limited

  • Independent Director, Guangdong Dongguan Holdings Limited

  • Consultant, Shanghai Yinshang Investment Consulting Co. Ltd.

  • Consultant, Shanghai Zhenghai Capital

  • Decision Consultant, Henan Bangjie Group

International Experience-Visiting Professor in other Programs

  • 2002: Visiting Scholar, Feng Chia University, Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, China

  • 2001: Academic Exchange, Taiwan Zhongshan University and Feng Chia University

  • 2000: Visiting Scholar, Frankfurt University and European Business School, Germany

  • 1999: Visiting Scholar, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • 1996-1997: Training in Headquarter of Allianz, Stuttgart and visiting scholar in Hamburger University, Germany

  • 1994: Controlling training, Department of Finance, Wolfsburg, Germany

Research field

  • Strategic Management

  • Innovation Management

Teaching interests

  • Strategic Management

  • Innovation Management

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Shanghai Municipality,"Study on the mechanism of Cross Organizational Knowledge Sharing in collaborative innovation networks of electric vehicle"(2013BGL017),2013.

  • Ministry of Education,"The embedded relationship in the innovative networks and the sharing of Cross Organizational Knowledge: An Empirical Study Based on the automotive industry"(13YJA630041), 2013.

  • Tongji University, "A Questionnaire on Follow-up Surveys and Assessment for College Students Training ", 2010.

Selected Publications


  • You Xiaoyue, Lei Xinghui, Mao Renjie, Yang Miying.Evaluating Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Using an Extended ITL-VIKOR Method. Chinese Journal of Management, v16,n12,pp1830-1840. Dec.,2019.

  • Dai Tongliang, Lei Xinghui, Su Taoyong. A Study on the Mechanism of the Effect of Humble Leader Behavior on Team Performance: Chinese Traditional Values Embedded. SCIENCE OF SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT OF S.&.T., v40,n2,pp165-176. Feb., 2019.

  • Dai Tongliang, Lei Xinghui, Chen Cheng. The Influence of Workplace Bullying on the Work Performance——The Effects of Humble Leadership and Work Enthusiam. FORECASTING, v37,n6,pp47-53. Nov., 2018.

  • Lei Xinghui, Yang Yuanfei, Su Taoyong. Relationship of Humble Leadership, Organization Identity and Employee Creativity.Industry Engineering and Management,v22,n1, pp154-161. Feb.,2017.

  • Lei Xinghui, Shan Zhiwen, Su Taoyong, Yang Yuanfei.Impacts of Humble Leadership Behavior on Employee Creativity. Journal of Management Science, v28,n2,pp115-125. Mar.,2015. Books

  • You Jianxin, Lei Xinghui. An Introduction to Business Management (4th Edition), Higher Education Press, Sept., 2010 (In Chinese)


  • 2017: Higher Education Shanghai Municipal Teaching Achievement Prize, Second Prize, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

  • 2016: Graduate Education Achievement Prize,Second Prize, Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education

  • 2014: National Teaching Achievement Prize, Second Prize, Ministry of Education

  • 2009: Shanghai Progress Prize in Science and Technology, Second Prize, Shanghai Government

  • 2009: Excellent Research Achievement, Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education