2022 Shanghai Summer School (SSS)

The Shanghai Summer School (SSS) is sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by Tongji University annually since 2011.

In 2022, the summer school will be hosted by the Sino-Italian Campus of Tongji University, and students from Europe and China will be invited to participate in the program online.

The theme of the program will be “Shaping the Community of the Future through a Sustainable Campus”, which engages multifaceted perspectives and interdisciplinary studies across the fields of environmental studies, architecture, design, social governance, intellectual property rights, and intelligent information technology.

The program will rethink the practice of the concept of green and sustainable development as well as the application of a system comprising new technology, interaction, service, and education in the process of building a sustainable campus for the future community. It will explore the possibility of a future community that meets the requirements of socio-economic development and infuses the concept of sustainability into campus culture. Experts and professors from universities and industry will be invited to the program for teaching and tutoring. In the summer school, you’ll also have the Chinese courses and cultural programs.

Language: English

Cost: Free of charge

2022 In the Summer School, you will

Meet your peers from different academic backgrounds, both from Europe and China and co-create in an inter-disciplinary platform.

Perceive the campus in a different approach; develop your solutions to a better sustainable campus with the strong support from the tutor team and your team members.
Explore our cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

Get a chance to learn more about the Chinese language and Chinese culture.