​2nd Tongji University Italian Campus Carnival
Release date:2020-10-18

On October 18, 2020, the 2nd Tongji University Italian Campus Carnival and Jokoson Sino-Italian Culture Day was successfully held at the Alumni House of Tongji University Siping Campus, jointly organized by the Alumni Association of Tongji University, TJSIC, the Academic and Research Department, and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Tongji University Youth League Committee.

The Carnival featured themed lectures, creative bazaar, musical performances, food and costume experiences, giving students opportunities of Chinese and Italian culture experience. Stalls of creative handicrafts made by students and faculty, Italian brand handmade leather bags, jewelry, everyday objects and perfume, traditional Chinese teacups etc., food stalls of Chinese and Italian traditional cuisine and beverage, robotic arm sugar-drawing, opera, singing and piano performances and culture Q&A games among other contents were received with great popularity. The event was one of the series of global perspective activities organized by the Academic and Research Department, aiming to enhance international thinking, understanding and culture appreciation and to promote cultural confidence through interaction.