Notice on Work Arrangement during 2022 Winter Vacation
Release date:2021-12-03

According to the academic calendar, the 2022 winter vacation starts from January 17 and ends on February 18.

  1. Students will have winter vacation from January 17 to February 18. Undergraduate and matriculation students should register for the spring semester on February 19 and 20 at their respective schools and colleges, while postgraduate students should register online in Tongji University's information management system. Classes will start on February 21 (Monday).

  2. Schools and colleges will make arrangements for full-time teachers to prepare for classes and take leave during the winter vacation.

  3. Other teachers and staff will be on leave from 20 January to 16 February, and will resume work on 17 February (Thursday).

  4. The School of Continuing Education, the Logistics Group, and enterprises under the University's industrial management can arrange the time of vacation according to their actual requirement.

Tongji University

December 2, 2021